I would like to share my one of the samples I have worked on.

1. https://github.com/rameshkec85/GCMServerTest

This project will allow you test push notifications are working correctly or not at client side.
In order to run this project, we need to follow the below stpes:
i. Simply add server api key
ii. Add a registration id available when app is being registred to GCM server.

2. https://github.com/rameshkec85/uploadservicedemo

This project demonstrates how to upload a file or download a files in a Queue manner where most of the applications are following this pattern.

i. Pool is one so that at a one request can be placed or executed.
ii. Using EvenBus to take the advantages of it’s subscribe and post method.

3. https://github.com/rameshkec85/AndroidCropMoveScaleImage

This project demonstrates that crop a image within the box, without moving overlay.
This is result of combination of Cropper library and PhotoView. But added little work to achieve this.

Android Samples at GitHuB
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